Give it all you got then some more.

Gattaca is a sci-fi/noire movie i have seen a few times and really enjoyed watching. The trailer opens with the narrator describing a futuristic society, where Vincent lives.

“In the not so distant future our DNA will determine, where you can work, who you should marry, what you are capable of achieving… In a society where success is determined by science”

The short story is that there are genetically engineered-to-be-perfect babies, and they get the upper hand, and then there are regular babies, they are not ‘perfect’ and have been predetermined for failure in one way or another.

Vincent played by Ethan Hawke, has:

  • A dream
  • A plan
  • Determination to win

His dream was to make it to the space program and travel to the stars,  genetic screening will prevent him from doing so,because he was  conceived as a regular non-engineered baby with the possibility of developing a heart defect, he is not eligible to travel to the stars, He is an In-valid.

This notion will not deterr him, and his plan was to get into the space program by obtaining a fake identity, which he buys from Jerome Eugene Morrow (Jude Law), who will provide him with urine,blood,hair samples that will help Vincent get around constant genetic identity validation,  he must be very careful not to leave behind his own DNA, and as always there are multiple complications  and close calls.

Vincent and Anton his genetically engineered brother play a game of ‘chicken’. They both swim out to sea, and the first to give up and swim back to shore is the loser. Anton always wins due to his superior physical stamina.

But there is this particular time where Vincent actually saves Anton from drowning. Months later Anton challenges Vincent again. They swim out, where Anton asks Vincent how he beat him before. Vincent explains that he never saved anything for the swim back.

That is a lot of determination:
noun: determination
firmness of purpose; resoluteness.
It’s monday and we start another week, for some the drone of routine, for others the continuation of their trip to the stars. For everybody … give it all you got and then some more.


Checking on that MTA bus, via twitter, Text Messaging and Instant messaging

MTA currently provides many ways to check on your bus/train schedules, they also made their real time information available to 3rd party developers. So we decided to test the viability of using Twitter and Instant Messaging, besides Text Messaging (SMS) to access their interfaces.

Here is how it works, the message you are going to send includes the route and the cross streets of the stop you are interested in. Lets see some examples example:

SMS: Text to (248)291 -3788

bx16 near pitman av and murdoch av

Twitter: tweet to @TweetMyMTA
@TweetMyMTA bx16 near pitman av and murdoch av

Instant Messaging/Google Talk

Add, once Stop313 appears online, type your request

bx16 near pitman av and murdoch av

Over the weekend we worked on Stop313 Multi agency support, so you will be presented with a menu that will allow you to select an agency in case this is your first time using the system.

Our web interface

A few notes:

Twitter will not allow you to type the same message repeatedly, please see We will be working on adding support for automatically repeating your query, lets say every 10 mins  5 TIMES.

The command WOULD look like.

bx16 near pitman av and murdoch av repeat 5

Please be aware that there might be inconsistencies on the information returned, we’ve seen that real time position might or might not be returned, Sometimes you will get ‘scheduled’ time sometimes ‘predicted’ time. The later is based on the actual vehicle position, the former, is well, the schedule information. should automatically accept your contact request.