Ngeos One


We are a technology company that develops software solutions for the mobile, interactive and social media space

Our goal is to be able to bend technology in ways it has not been bent before, if it needs to be, or simply use an already invented wheel because it makes sense.

Technology is meant to make our lives better. It doesn't matter if we use old tools to solve new problems or we just have to create something that did not exist.

There is a connection that should not be forgotten, that connection to ... being human, the connection to one.

Software Development Services


We build both native and hybrid applications. Objective-C, Java and PhoneGap. HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Interactive displays

We have freed users from the mouse and the keyboard prison. Using natural user interfaces we build systems capable of interacting with user in new ways.

Server Side

We will design design and build back end systems, including databases, according to your needs.

Developer Tools

Increasing developer productivity through inteligent tools


Toyota Live Interactive
World Routes 2014 Interactive Wall Remote Camera Control
Detroit Public Library
Stop313 Android
Stop313 IOS


Drop us a note a let us know how we can help you.

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USA. 48221

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